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On every single day I´m 24 hours online and install new Websites for Your Clients ...

24/7 clock

Sofort ready Websites

I install your finished Website Drafts in less than 1 minute ...
I automatically add the appropriate client information for you ...
Neither you as an agency nor your clients need to make further changes ...

Client order a Template

I take the Client Data

I send data to target Server

Installation & Access Data

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Are you a Webdesigner or an Agency and would like to automatically bridge regular revenue and / or idle times?

Then we should talk very fast!

What are you waiting for?

Let Us see how I can help you!

regular Income

Through my AI and my sophisticated automatism, I deliver your Websites to your clients at any time! Also at night or on public holidays!

Time Savings

I take away from You the unpleasant and complicated installation, so You can focus on Your actual business and build me new Website Drafts!

Flexible Network

With Joint Ventures You can freely design Your Webiste Sales Portal. Drafts created by Your partners can be charged accordingly if desired.

Draft Creation

Easiest creation of new Website Drafts through My fully automated Create Scripts with only one command even without programming knowledge.

What is our cooperation?

My Partner Models & Prices


Joint Venture Partner

Affiliate Partner

Draft Creator

Own Website Portal

Sales Page

no effort required

no effort required

no effort required

effort required


no effort required

no effort required

effort required

effort required


no effort required

effort required

no effort required

effort required

Pricing examples

One time payment: 2.000€

Joint Venture: 2%

One time payment: 0€

Affiliate Provision: 20%

One time payment: 0€

Own Drafts: 80%

One time payment: from 8.000€

With Joint Venture up to 50% discount

No matter what Our cooperation looks like, what budget or how much time You would like to invest, We will definitely find a way together that We want to go together.

Robot Stats

Detailed Analysis & Statistics

With my Diagrams and the Statistics from Digistore24 you have all your Partners and Sales in view.

what are the most popular Drafts?

who are Your TOP Partner?

what are the sales of the last month?

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